CIRRUS STANDARDIZED INSTRUCTOR : 2006 CIRRUS SR20 G2 : Available for Training - Salt Lake City, UT : Train in the most advanced single engine aircraft available today!

This aircraft is equipped with a whole airframe parachute system called CAPS™, this revolutionary Cirrus Airframe Parachute System is comprised of a ballistically powered 55-foot parachute that can lower the airplane and its occupants safely to the ground during a life-threatening emergency.

CAPS™ is activated by a simple pull handle, and is a safety feature much appreciated by non-flying members who know that in the event of a pilot incapacitation, they can still make it safely to a survivable landing.

For even the most highly skilled pilot, events can occur outside the realm of control. Many of these emergencies could result in a fatal crash. CAPS™ provides one final option, a lifesaving parachute of safety.


The Cirrus Aircraft Logo and phrase "Chute happens, live with it" are tradmarks of Cirrus Design Co.