CIRRUS STANDARDIZED INSTRUCTOR : 2006 CIRRUS SR20 G2 : Available for Training - Salt Lake City, UT : Train in the most advanced single engine aircraft available today!

Cirrus Standardized Instructors (or CSIP’s) are provided by Cornerstone Aviation of Salt Lake City, UT. Our chief instructor brings over 14,000 hours of flying experience to the cockpit, offering you the best in advanced aircraft training.

Whether you are looking for some Advanced Avionics training, your Instrument Rating or simply want to fly the best single engine airplane available today, our experienced instructors can sit down with you an create a personalized instruction plan that will meet your goals.

Please see the contact us section for more information on scheduling your training, today!

The Cirrus Aircraft Logo and phrase "Chute happens, live with it" are tradmarks of Cirrus Design Co.